MOSTAR, MAY 25 (ONASA-Hina) – Representatives of Croatia Airlines, Mostar Airport, tour operators from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina presented plans aimed at opening up the market of Herzegovina, Mostar, Medjugorje and other centers for tourists from Croatia and making it sustainable the recently launched Zagreb-Mostar airline line.
The director of commercial affairs of Croatia Airlines, Slaven Žabo, said that a large number of representatives of tour operators and agencies arrived in Mostar from Zagreb, whose motive is to promote this part of Herzegovina and include them in the offer to tourists.
“We want to enable our most important partners, Croatian agencies and tour operators, to visit Herzegovina in order to get to know all the tourism potential of Herzegovina, and rely on Croatia Airlines flights from Zagreb to Mostar and package everything in our products and offer them on the Croatian market.” said the Frog.
Croatia Airlines has been flying three times a week from Zagreb to Mostar and back since May, and the contract on subsidizing this line was signed for half a year.
According to Dean Sudec, operations manager of the agencies B Travel and DC Travel Croatia, it is especially important that the plane flies three times a week between the Croatian metropolis and the center of Herzegovina.
“This will allow us to create package deals so that travelers can stay here for two or three days,” said Sudec.
The president of the Međugorje tourism and hotel industry association, Davor Ljubić, said that in addition to Mostar, the historic city center and other attractive destinations and the place of prayer of Međugorje, the real tourist gem is the town of Stolac located on the Bregava river.
He stated that in addition to the stećak necropolis on Radimlja, which is under UNESCO protection, it is worth taking the former narrow-gauge railway in the hinterland on the so-called ‘Ćira tour’, visiting the medieval tournament Tarča and visiting the old town of Vidoška from the 15th century, which is located not far from Stolac.