About us


The ONASA Independent News Agency was founded in 1994, during the war in Sarajevo, in order to provide objective information, news to domestic and foreign public related to relevant events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, region and the world.

News Agency ONASA is the leading news agency in BiH and region, seated in Sarajevo, with correspondent office in Mostar. The general manager of the Agency is Mrs. Elvira Begovic, B.Sc. Management and Information Technologies Specialist. The Agency has 20 employees. The organizational structure is composed of the Secretary’s Office, General Service Department, Business Service Department, English Service Department, Marketing and Financial Department, Monitoring and Press Clipping, Computer Center, and Correspondents’ Network. A wide correspondents’ network in BiH and in the capitals of countries of the former Yugoslavia enables sustained influx of authentic and open-minded information.

Many years of experience in collecting, processing and distribution of information enables ONASA to daily distribute some 200 news articles through all services to the great number of our subscribers by e-mail. The services are broadcast in languages of the BiH peoples and in English, during 365 days of the year. Our agency has a clearly-defined business strategy at the BiH market with constant economic strengthening and the expansion of the correspondent network, meeting the needs of clients for continuous informing.

Team work of experts from the field of journalism, management, marketing, finances and information technologies enables us successful positioning at the media market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and region.

Clients of the ONASA News Agency’s services are electronic and printing media, state and entity institutions – governments and ministries, local administration bodies, reputable local and foreign companies, privatization agencies, most embassies and consulates in BiH, as well as majority of international institutions, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

Since December 22 2006, ONASA is a member of Association of Private News Agencies (APNA) of South-East Europe, seated in Skopje. Since 2002, the agency is a member of Southeast Europe Media Organization (SEEMO).

Our competitive advantages are quality of informing (objectivity and professionalism), performance throughout BiH, news broadcast throughout the day, highly-skilled expert staff, team work and modern equipment.