GENERAL SERVICE is broadcasted daily, continuously collecting, covering and distributing truthful and objective information on political, economic, cultural, sports, and other important events in BiH, countries of the region and the world.

GENERAL SERVICE is the main information service of electronic and print media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Service covers and monitors the work of the BiH authorities, State and Entity institutions, local communities, political parties (ruling and opposition), NGOs, civil society, international institutions, diplomatic and consular missions, implementation of laws, judiciary, health and education system. In addition to the said contents, the General Service offers to the public interviews with officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

In addition to the General Service, ONASA broadcasts BUSINESS SERVICE, daily, except Saturdays.This service is, in a way, is an “information bridge” between demands and needs of BiH economy and the business world. Business service news contain new and objective information regarding BiH economic development, privatization process, legal regulations of companies’ operations, information on the market, capital, prices, goods, demands and supply, currency exchange lists, stock market information and a series of other information of interest to the domestic and foreign business clients.

Also, the Business Service regularly informs about successful companies and issues interviews with successful managers, and tips for successful business.

Third ONASA service is also broadcasted daily, except Saturdays, and is related to nongovernment organizations (NGO) and political parties. It encompasses information on work and goals of domestic and foreign nongovernmental organizations and activities of political parties in BiH.
Service informs on the election campaign of political parties and the work of the Central Election Commission (CIK), offers interviews with leaders of political parties and leading officials of nongovernmental organizations in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Also, the service informs the public about the activities of BiH civil society, and its importance in contributing to the development of democracy.

ONASA ENGLISH SERVICE includes the previously listed services: General, Business and NGO, in which all the news articles are translated into English and distributed to our foreign customers.

Service that the Agency ONASA also broadcast every day except Saturday, is the public offers – TENDERS containing public tenders published in BiH daily newspapers and the region. Also, within this service ONASA publishes the review of the BiH Official Gazette, which is broadcasted once a week.

We also offer SPECIALISED PRESS CLIPPING in the languages of the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes monitoring of electronic and print media in the following areas: health, insurance, telecommunications, as well as special activities of the clients and monitor their competitors.

ONASA news agency is also offering ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES on the website, by placing banners in all services in various dimensions. This practice allows our clients to communicate with their target group through a network of our customers and visitors to our web site. Click on banner enables every visitor of our web page directly to communicate with the advertiser’s website.

We provide services of organizing press conferences and centers, as well as other contacts with the media.

ONASA OTS INTERNATIONAL (Original Text Service) issues information for the media in their original form and in this way enables the users to publish information of their own choice without interference and content editing. By way of ONASA, OTS announcements reach all users of the Agency, such as media houses, government and nongovernment organizations, international organizations and institutions, embassies and leading companies in BiH and the world, fast and in their original form.
ONASA OTS is an integral part of the General, Economic and Electoral Service…