SARAJEVO, MARCH 18 (ONASA) – The Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina condemns the attempts of the president of the Bosnia and Herzegovina entity of RS, Milorad Dodik, to reisul-ulemi Husein-ef. Kavazovic is fueled by militancy, which is just a continuation of his continuous attacks on Islam, Muslims and the Islamic community.
“Milorad Dodik and the regime he controls continue to spin the statement of reis-l-ulema about how the current time is the one in which the state and peace are defended in the institutions of the state and that an attack on these institutions means an attack on peace and the invocation of conflict for which there must be ready Dodik’s attempts to cover up his irresponsible and thoughtless policy, such as the decision to lead a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina into international isolationism and conflict with the country’s biggest allies, by subverting militancy to the reisul-ulema and the Bosniak people are unsuccessful. Those transparent tricks will simply not succeed, both in the Bosnian and international public and in serious political circles”, says the statement of the Public Relations Office of Rijaset IZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is emphasized that Dodik cannot hide or divert attention from the fact that he shows his radicalism and militancy with every statement and every move, regardless of the threats to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state, which is nothing more than a call for war and conflicts, or and militant parades on the unconstitutional days of one entity.
“Peace does not threaten reisul-ulema, nor does it call for violence when it warns of where irresponsible policies can lead, but Milorad Dodik, who with his radical, irrational, isolationist, conflicting and harmful policies for all peoples and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents a real threat to peace, not only of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also of this part of Europe,” the statement added. (end)