SARAJEVO, MAY 13 (ONASA) – The Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, the Ministry of Finance of KS and UniCredit bank d.d. signed the Partnership Agreement, with the aim of realizing the development and maintenance of the student payment card project and the loyalty program for students studying at universities in Sarajevo Canton.
President of the Board Amina Mahmutović and member of the Retail Board Dragan Ćavar signed the agreement with cantonal ministers on behalf of UniCredit Bank.
Minister for Science, Higher Education and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Prof. Dr. Adna Mesihović already announced this project earlier, and pointed out that the Ministry will continue to work on the development of programs to improve the standards of young people and students in the future.
“I am proud and happy because the project of developing and maintaining a student payment card and loyalty program for students studying at universities in Sarajevo Canton has now received its first frameworks and we are already one step closer to the beginning of its implementation,” Minister Mesihović pointed out.
The project of establishing student cards for all university students in Sarajevo Canton is extremely important for the student community. It will provide students with a practical solution for efficient management of their finances, enabling them to easily receive and spend money.
The Minister of Finance, Dr. Afan Kalamujić pointed out that he recognized this project as a project that enables young people to manage their finances more efficiently.
“I am glad that through this project we are helping young people to manage their finances more efficiently, as well as because of the fact that he is on the path to raising knowledge about finances, which I promised when assuming the mandate. In addition, this is a project that does not cost the Canton of Sarajevo anything from the budget, and it represents the basis on which a range of services for students and young people will be expanded along the lines of the largest university centers in the world,” stressed Minister Kalamujić.
Using the student payment card, all students in Sarajevo Canton will enjoy numerous benefits through the loyalty program, and everyone will also receive a welcome gift in the form of pocket money on their account.
This project also aims to contribute to the improvement of student standards and facilitate access to various services and benefits.
As a result, the student card can become an important tool to support education and enable students to make the most of their study time and complement their student life, reports the KS Protocol and Press Service. (end)